Join us for worship.
Interim Pastor Karen Parsh, presiding.

Third Sunday after Pentecost

                        Abiding Hope Lutheran Church                           2402 W. Grandview Blvd. Erie PA 16506

June 13, 2021

Pastor Karen Parsh presiding


The mustard seed becomes a great shrub that shelters the birds, recalling ancient images of the tree of life. We’d expect a cedar or a sequoia, but Jesus finds the power of God better imaged in a tiny, no-account seed. It’s not the way we expect divine activity to look. Yet the tree of life is here, in the cross around which we gather, the tree into which we are grafted through baptism, the true vine that nourishes us with its fruit in the cup we share. It may not appear all that impressive, but while nobody’s looking it grows with a power beyond our understanding.

Partial video of June 13th service

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Abiding Hope's

For about twenty years, Ed Whitbred has been part of a group called “The Amazing Grays”.  This collection of seniors has been producing a weekly show geared to older adults through the facilities of Community Access Media.

Today we present an interview with Abiding Hope's own Judi Pacileo and as she "Shares her Stuff".  This will appear on CAM’s normal outlets as well as YouTube, Facebook and this website.

In the coming weeks Ed will be presenting a series of member interviews titled “Sharing Our Stuff”. Interviews will last about fifteen minutes through the wonderful world of Zoom.

We will ask our volunteer guests to show 3 - 5 items that are meaningful to them. And we will  simply have a conversation about them. This is a series Amazing Grays did a number of years ago and was constantly surprised at what came thru the door. It was interesting, entertaining and occasionally moving.

If you are interested in sharing  your stuff, please contact Ed at, or 814 397 0990 cell/text.

Sharing Our Stuff - with Judi Pacileo

Part 1 -Barry Davis
"Why I'll Never Host the Today Show" with Ed Whitbred
Part 2 -Barry Davis

     these new members with joy and loving hugs.

On Sunday February 14th at the 9:30 service, Theo Edwin Riggle, son of Mark and Jessica Riggle and grandson of Kevin and Andrea Petrone, was baptized into God’s family by Pastor Allie. Big brother Henry witnessed the event along with sponsors Uncle Ryan and Aunt Amy Carlisle and cousins Alice and Penny Rose. A prayer shawl was given to Theo to honor the occasion. It was a joyful, happy baptism.
On Sunday October 4th Irene Owens transferred her membership from Messiah Lutheran to Abiding Hope. Welcome Irene!

On Sunday September 13th Abiding Hope welcomed Cindy and Rich Filson into the family as new members.